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Technology Choices

If you care about my opinions on tech, then this is the page for you…

Web Development

Web-based applications are the bread & butter around here. Full-stack web development is the fastest and most efficient way to get a new product off the ground. And with the capabilities of the modern web, you may not even need to build a dedicated platform-specific application.


Built to run on the long-battle-tested Erlang VM (the BEAM), Elixir is a modern, functional language with great support even for web-scale applications.

Phoenix Framework

Ruby on Rails? Schmuby on Schmails. Kidding… but seriously, Phoenix is really a framework built out of the community of Ruby on Rails on Elixir.


Everyone in the web-dev world is familiar with the popularity of React, but not everyone needs the 40kB (min/gzipped) overhead that comes along with it. Preact provides api-compatibility with React at 10% of the size, which is a big win for starting new projects as lean and efficienctly as possible.

Redux/Redux Bundler

Redux took the React ecosystem by storm in 2015 and it really solidified the direction of state management for JavaScript applications for years to come. However, many projects use Redux, but fail to build reliable and reusable patterns to avoid code bloat. Redux bundler is a sort of “framework” build on Redux that provides a sensible way of building reusable portions of functionality that can also interact in a reactive way.

Mobile Development

Some applications require closer-to-the-metal development or specific extensibility which means building a “real” mobile app. If that’s what we need to do…


Finally, React Native plus a manageable workflow for mobile apps. Building your mobile apps on Expo gives us a head start for shipping real native mobile apps to iOS/Android app stores.


DevOps, devops, devops… My goal is always to reduce costs and reduce work overhead when it comes to these things. AWS, GCP, Azure are great if you’re Amazon, Google, or Microsoft, but I prefer to stick with these platforms.


Dead-simple deployment for JAMstack web apps. If we’re shipping a web UI, we’ll likely use Netlify to speed up delivery as well as development.


While we have experience working with AWS, GCP, and Azure, DigitalOcean helps us focus by providing everything you need and nothing you don’t.

Technical Experience

My experience has covered ground on different tech stacks, so feel free to reach out if you’re looking for experience in…

  • Elixir
  • JavaScript (Browser/Node.js)
  • TypeScript
  • Python
  • C++