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Whether you’ve got a new idea and are looking for a technical partner or you’ve got an existing business/product you need software to enhance, we can work together on how best to serve your needs.


Web application and services development

While we can help you build anything from simple sites to full-stack interactive web applications, our main focus is on the applications plus systems side of things.


End-to-end mobile application development for iOS, Android, and web

We can build multi-platform mobile applications for iOS, Android, and even on web. And mobile applications don’t live in a vaccuum! We can help you build a full suite of backend services to complement the main work your application does.

Internet of Things (IoT)

Software apps and systems integration with electronics hardware

While we’re not an electronics shop, integrating software services with electronics hardware is totally in the realm of possibilities here. Thanks to experience in embedded Linux development, mobile apps for networked devices, and the associated IoT tech stack, let us know if you want to extend software into your hardware or vice-versa.

Product Ownership

If you’re stuck on direction or vision for your software product, let’s team up to explore new ideas and possibilities.


Thanks to a background in a variety of roles, I’m glad to consult across a broad range of technologies.

Also, given my experience across technologies, I have developed a clear set of choices on technology and a specific technical vision that drives the choices I make when buildling software products.